Today I arrived in Scotland. I had about a 7 hour plane ride from Chicago, and I watched “Captain America: Civil War”, “The Incredibles”, and part of “6-4: Part 1” (a Japanese mystery movie). I managed to get all of my bags to the Taxi and it drove to 31 Abbeyhill, where my dorm is located.

I got my dorm key (it’s electronic) and unpacked most of my gear. I was missing a few things, namely a bed cover, so I went into to town to shop. I was also very hungry, so I stopped at a Turkish restaurant for breakfast and had some eggs and feta cheese.

I got a bed cover and then bought some groceries at the Tesco Express down the street from me. I’m quite close to Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat, so I imagine I’ll go hike around there tomorrow.

I met a few of my roommates and they’re quite nice.

This should be a fun adventure.