I climbed Arthur’s Seat this morning before I slept. I left at 4:30 to pouring rain and dark skies.

I brought my new waxed coat, and I under wore a light shirt underneath because I’ve tended to overheat on these hikes. The coat repelled all of the water and kept me very dry and warm as I walked through Holyrood park, past the Salisbury Crags and towards Arthur’s Seat.

Yesterday, I had to turn back because I couldn’t see the rocks on the path in the darkness of the night. But, I used my head-torch this morning and it’s beam of light pierced the darkness and helped my guide my feet towards the summit.

When I arrived at the summit, the wind decided to join in and it pushed me around. I crawled on all 4 fours for the final 10 meters because I didn’t want to be blown and fall of the mountain. When I reached the market at the summit and I stood up and leaned against it. I could see all of Edinburgh, and the lighted buildings looked like starts in the sky.

I turned my headlight off and enjoyed the view for the next half hour before making my way down. When I returned, I cooked some eggs and spinach, had breakfast, and slept.